Red Arrows in Halifax

On August 11, 2019, the UK’s Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team kicked off their largest North American tour ever and, as luck would have it, it all went down on the Halifax waterfront in Nova Scotia. We were left in amazement as the Red Arrows performed death defying stunts while maintaining formation in their BAE…

Jamaica Carnival 2015 – Colors & Faces

2015 is my third year photographing Jamaica Carnival. This year I chose the theme “Colors and Faces”, in order to make it a little more interesting (for me). I was able to capture familiar faces, such as Yendi Phillips, Kaci Fennell, and Denyque (to name a few). See pictures below.    

Trident Castle – Portland Jamaica (Mother/Daughter Photo Shoot)

Peta-Gaye saw this picture we posted a few months ago where the bridesmaids at Ronica and Imar’s wedding were tired of having their photos taken and took out their frustration with their bouquets. Shortly afterwards, she contacted us and we started to discuss ideas for a photo shoot she had wanted for some time with…

Jamaica Carnival Road March 2014 Pictures

Last year we stumbled on to Carnival. This year was a little more deliberate as we were hired to cover the event. This is our complete photography coverage of Jamaica Carnival Road March 2014. We wouldn’t be lifestyle photographers if we only showed you pics of the beautiful women 🙂