The 2018 Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo: Heroes & Legends

This year The Royal Nova Scotia International tattoo turned 40, so it should be no surprise that the organizers have perfected the formula to deliver a thrilling, interesting and entertaining show. While maintaining signature elements that make the Tattoo uniquely Nova Scotian and Canadian, no expense was spared in ensuring that it was also International. […]

Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo 2018 – Press Launch

Privileged is how I would describe the opportunity to glimpse a few of the acts at today’s media launch for the 2018 Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo. Under the title “Heroes and Legends”, this year’s staging of the Tattoo promises to honor tried and true performances and simultaneously excite us with new international acts. From…

Guinep Fanatic!

If you don’t love guineps, maybe you’ve never tried the right one. Every guinep connoisseur knows that no two guinep trees produce the same tasting fruit. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. I’ve had fruits from many different trees from the same hillside in St. Catherine and they all have their own unique characteristics….

Jo Mersa Marley and Jesse Royal Live at the Halifax Jazz Festival 2017

Our Halifax summer 2017 escapade continues, this time with a stop at the Halifax Jazz Festival. This year the festival featured two Reggae acts out of Jamaica whose performances were nothing shy of immaculate. Jesse Royal first hit the stage and performed his catalog of hits which had many in the audience singing word for…

Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo 2017

Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo. I say fortunate because the last military tattoo that I attended was the Jamaica Military Tattoo in 2012 and who knows when next Jamaica will host another event of that nature? For Canada 150 celebrations, the Nova Scotia International Tattoo featured acts…