The 2018 Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo: Heroes & Legends

This year The Royal Nova Scotia International tattoo turned 40, so it should be no surprise that the organizers have perfected the formula to deliver a thrilling, interesting and entertaining show.

While maintaining signature elements that make the Tattoo uniquely Nova Scotian and Canadian, no expense was spared in ensuring that it was also International. After all, it’s in the name. This year’s staging featured acts from six (6) continents with resulted in possibly its most diverse cast to date.

tj876 - 2018 Nova Scotia International Tattoo (63)

We have come to expect perfectly choreographed drills and demonstrations from Canadian, American and other International armed forces. The Tattoo, however, over delivered on its promise to be “Tradition with a Twist”. It was incredible to be entertained by the German Air Force Band in one act and then be amazed by the Simba Zambezi (Kenya) or the Cores Da Bahia (Brazil) acrobats in the next.


tj876 - 2018 Nova Scotia International Tattoo (53)
The State Academic Ensemble of Folk Dance of Adygea, “Nalmes”, from Russia at The 2018 Nova Scotia International Tattoo.

I was most impressed with The State Academic Ensemble of Folk Dance of Adygea, “Nalmes”, from Russia. I was transfixed by their costumes and movements and enjoyed their presentation thoroughly.

It was not all fun and games. In true Nova Scotia Tattoo fashion, the show took time to honor the sacrifices of those who fought for the freedoms that we all enjoy. Tributes celebrating the end of the First World War, the Battle of the Atlantic, and Women in Service ensured that the cost of our liberties were not forgotten.

tj876 - 2018 Nova Scotia International Tattoo (75)
Our new friends from The Combined Singapore Police Force Band

This year was also unique for me as I was able to go back stage to see first-hand what goes into delivering a show of this magnitude. It was interesting to see the relationships that were formed between the performers who would probably have never met without the sundry cast assembled by the Tattoo organizers.


The Nova Scotia Tattoo was once again a marquee event on my Halifax summer calendar. I’m already looking forward to see what they’ll do next in 2019.



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