Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo 2017


Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo. I say fortunate because the last military tattoo that I attended was the Jamaica Military Tattoo in 2012 and who knows when next Jamaica will host another event of that nature?

For Canada 150 celebrations, the Nova Scotia International Tattoo featured acts such as:

  1. The Stadacona Band of the Royal Canadian Navy
  2. National Band of the Naval Reserve
  3. Canadian Armed Forces Composite Reserved Army Band
  4. 8 Wing Band
  5. Maritime Tactical Operation Group
  6. Canadian Armed Forces Obstacle Race
  7. RCMP Contingent
  8. Halifax Regional Police
  9. Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency
  10. The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site
  11. Canadian Cadets
  12. Massed Pipes and Drums
  13. Calgary Fiddlers
  14. Atlantic Cirque
  15. Titans Gymnasts
  16. La Baie En Joie
  17. Highland Dancers
  18. Scotch College Pipe Band
  19. Gebirgsmusikkorps der Bundeswehr
  20. Holmikers
  21. Groove Onkels
  22. Kalutskih Brothers
  23. The Imps Motorcycle Display Team
  24. United States Fleet forces Band

It would be hard to say what act was my favorite. They all came together to create one magnificent show. If you are from Nova Scotia or you’ll be visiting Halifax in the summer, you wont be disappointed. This fast, action packed show will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

While at the Halifax Rib Fest a few days before the tattoo, I met a gentleman from the UK who traveled to Halifax just to attend the Nova Scotia Tattoo, so its really a big deal.


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