Jamaica Independence Grand Gala 2012 (Jamaica 50) – PHOTOS

The Jamaica 50 Independence Gala 2012 has come and gone. However, the memories will always remain.

The energy and spirit of the Jamaican people, the performances representing our social and cultural achievements as a nation, the displays of athleticism and skill are among the things I will be reminiscent of for years to come.

It was an evening of pomp and pageantry, attended by politicians and dignitaries. It was however the spirit of the Jamaican people, past and present, that was on display and was the fuel behind the energy and excitement in the National Stadium.

See the photos below.


Update: Video of the Jamaica Defence Force’s Female Soldiers (Femme Fatale) can be viewed below

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11 Comments Add yours

  1. Michca-Mae says:

    Thanks for helping me see what I missed. Looks like it was good. Proud to see our Pathfinders in the celebrations as well.

  2. ayoliag says:

    Nice coverage on a really great evening!

    1. tj876 says:

      Thanks! It was indeed a great eve

  3. Ro says:

    anyone has videos for those who missed it? Thanks!

  4. lautaro says:

    like this, so, do you can say me about this, because i understaund not about this :/

    1. tj876 says:

      This was a celebration of Jamaica’s 50th year of Independence from British Rule. So it is basically a celebration of Jamaican culture and heritage over the period.

  5. lautaro says:

    so, i am from uruguay. is a country of suth america

  6. lautaro says:

    is the military in defence on the female solders that dance dancheall queen?

    1. tj876 says:

      Haha. No these dancers are actually female soldiers. As in they are a part of the military. Thats one of the reasons it is so good because it is unexpected and entertaining

  7. lautaro says:

    ok!!! is good! likee

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