Boscobel Air Show 2012 Pictures & Videos

At the Boscobel 2012 Airshow, there was something for everyone. Parachutists and Aerobatics for the aviation enthusiast, games and rides for the kids, music for the party animals, and adequate security for the security conscious.

However, there was something missing… The large number of patrons that came out to last year’s staging of the event. This could be due to the threats of rain and strong wind by tropical storm Ernesto or the fact that the event was not adequately promoted, which is my bet.

That aside, the Boscobel 2012 air show was not a disappointment for patrons. The beautiful scenery at Rio Nuevo was ideal for the event and the medium sized gathering resulted in a very close knit family like ambiance, especially as we surrounded a projector showing the men 100m finals of the Olympics in the back of a truck.

I hope that the near disappointing turnout will not dissuade the organizers from taking on the venture again. However, use this opportunity to assess what went wrong and make the 2013 staging the best one yet. They could start by allowing the airplanes to perform a lot closer to the audience as they did last year, which was AWESOME 🙂

2012 Air Show Video

JDF Helicopter Taking Off

Patrons reacting to Men’s 100m Olympic finals at the Air Show

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