tj876 Air Show Essentials

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or you will be attending your first air show soon, here are a few items that may make your air show experience more enjoyable.

1. Camera with Extra Batteries & Memory cards
Ensure that you carry your camera with all the necessities to keep on snapping throughout the entire air show. You do not want to be out of memory or juice at that big moment nearer to the end of the show

2. Sunscreen

Ensure you have proper UV protection for you and your entourage

3. Sunglasses (Preferably Polarized)\Transitions Lens

In addition to protecting your eyes from UV radiation, sunshades will allow you to enjoy the show regardless of  the airplanes’ position relative to the sun

4. Binoculars

Binoculars will give you an opportunity to see the show especially in large performance areas and will take you closer to the action from a safe distance

5. Ear protection

If you are taking kids to the air show, it is essential that you protect their more sensitive hearing apparatus from the loud noises of engines and cheering crowds. You might also find it beneficial to do the same for yourself

6. Tent/Hat/Umbrella

These items may provide relief from the torture of the sun especially during breaks in the program

7. Chairs(Preferably Collapsible)/Blanket

Whether it’s for your kids, or you simply are not prepared to/ you are unable to stand for numerous hours at the air show, seating may be essential in ensuring your comfort.

8. Food

If, like me, you do not want to stand for 45 minutes in a line trying to buy a hot dog while missing the opportunity to capture tons of great pictures, you may want to carry your own food or snacks in the least

9. Water & Igloo

Water should be readily available for purchase as it is essential to your survival at the air show. Just to be on the safe side, taking your own water is a cheaper and more reliable option. In any event consume lots of water to ensure that this air show will not be your last.

In addition to keeping your beverages cool, an igloo can also be used for seating.

10. Money

Apart from the entry fee, money will be essential to purchasing food, drink, memorabilia or even to take a ride in the aircraft performing in the air show (if allowed)

This list is a work in progress and makes no claim to be complete. You are welcomed to extend or make suggestions.

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